About Me


I am who I am! Ok, I'll be a little more specific. Well, I'm a single guy... an anonymous single guy... on the internet! That specific enough? Ok, well... I am a guy that developed this site on June 14, 2017. And why? Well, because I was in the middle of this horrific break-up (again) and I needed a place to store my thoughts. Maybe "store" isn't the right word. I needed a place to SCREAM my thoughts out publicly... anonymously. I also wanted to hopefully help others. Other men and women who are going through the same things as me.


Maybe, just maybe someone will come across a blog entry and it will enlighten them just a little. Maybe, just maybe they'll see that their life isn't over. In-fact it's just beginning. Well, I'm still trying to wrap my head around that myself. But at the least, if someone comes across this site then they'll know that they aren't alone. I'm here to fight with you.


So follow me as I continue to struggle through this single life and make my mark on this world.