Hanging Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend

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Should you be doing it? Should you even be entertaining it? Should you hang out with your ex? Remember, there’s a reason she’s your “ex”. And also remember, there’s a reason she was your girlfriend! Well, recently I did hang out with ‘ol girl. It kinda happened out of no where. I was surprised that she came onto me, she called me, she wanted me. I was getting really close to the point of truly forgetting about her and moving on. I was dating people so my life was filled with other women and other actives. But when she came […]

I Think I’m Dating Someone, Maybe

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I met a girl a little over a week ago. I liked her… And, well… we hung out a bunch over the course of a week. The more I hung out with her the more I liked her. She really is a great girl and it seems like she has her life together. In 1 week we went on 4 dates culminating in a fine dinning experience and a night out at a local bar. I am NOT  a bar and club kinda guy. But being with her made me like it… Well, I just liked being with her. She […]