Online Dating Sucks, too.

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You find it difficult meeting new people that are decent and have reasonable expectations? Well, it’s just as tough online! I’ve tried all the dating websites and I promise you it’s tough… real tough! People lie on their profiles, people use old pictures of them 50lbs ago and the person you actually end up meeting isn’t the person you see online.

A couple tips for the single guys out there…

If a chick’s profile has nothing but head shots of her…. you can assume she’s a big ol girl and isn’t confident enough in her body to post an entire body picture. You can easily identity these kinds of chicks once you spot one or two. The angle of the selfies are always at a 45 degree angle to hide their double chin. I’m a pro at spotting these girls now.

And don’t get me wrong… there’s nothing wrong with people who are a little overweight… most of us are. But it’s flat out false advertising when you see someone’s pictures online and they look like an instagram model and then you see them in person and they look like the Penguin from Batman. It’s not fair! Freaking stop it!

Pictures and looks aside… You can always tell from a profile the amount of intelligence someone has. You see misspellings or horrible grammar? Stay away… more than likely she barely has a high school education.

There’s millions of people who use online dating services because they can’t find decent people in the real-world. Keep that in mind… if no one wants them in the real world then something must really be wrong with them.

I tell myself that all the time…. so… what’s wrong with me?  Ugh… the cycle continues.

Just know its tough online… and take someones profile with a grain of salt. If you really want to know more about them try and find them on Facebook or Instagram. That’ll give you a better idea about them.

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