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Who’s this guy think he is? Blogging and stuff about being single… like he’s having some kind of pity party or something. Well, let me tell you who I think I am! I’m A Single Guy! And if you’re here reading this… well, you’re somewhat interested in what I’ve got to say.

So welcome! Welcome to my world. Welcome to my online universe where I can say whatever I want to say, post whatever content I want and do whatever my heart desires. And how can I do all of that? Well, because I’m A Single Guy!

This website will be used in many different ways. But primarily I’m going to give you insight into my life, insight into my journey through life as A Single Guy and insight on how I deal with everything that life throws at me. And nothing is off limits. I’m talking about little things like how to deal with family holidays when you’re the only single person in the room all the way through playing it cool the next morning when you wake up beside some ugly chick you just had a one-night stand with!

I fully plan to rate my dates, talk about my feelings, discuss depression and many many more things here. Nothing is off limits. I’ll even tell you about all the raunchy sexual encounters and one-night stands. I’ll probably even give you tips like how to act on a first date and how to have sex in a truck. Like I said, nothing is off limits.

And maybe one day I’ll make it into a relationship… maybe one day I’ll find the woman of my dreams and I’ll fall in love and get married…. if I do… you’ll know about it here first as I’ll post it all anonymously.  Eventually, one day… I’ll divulge who I am. But it’ll only be to the woman of my dreams. So until then… the only person who’ll know who I am… is me!

Being single is hard. Especially for those of us who want love and affection. For those of us single guys craving a wife and a family… the single game is hard. So hopefully these blogs will be able to help someone other than myself. Maybe through my experiences you’ll be able to understand how to deal with your own single life and your own depression. Let’s get through this life together!

Here we go!


A Single Guy

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