I Think I’m Dating Someone, Maybe

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I met a girl a little over a week ago. I liked her… And, well… we hung out a bunch over the course of a week. The more I hung out with her the more I liked her. She really is a great girl and it seems like she has her life together.

In 1 week we went on 4 dates culminating in a fine dinning experience and a night out at a local bar. I am NOT  a bar and club kinda guy. But being with her made me like it… Well, I just liked being with her. She treated me like she really wanted me to be there with her. It has been so long since someone acted like they cared for me… It made me feel so good.

She is older than me, but not too bad. I prefer older women in general. There are some things I’m concerned about… I won’t go into them now in this blog… This blog is just about me figuring out if I am “dating” this woman or are we just casually hanging out.

She told me she isn’t seeing anyone else other than me… but again, it’s been 1 week. Just 1 week. So… I don’t know. I think a lot will ride on this week. Will we continue to have the same level of visibility with each other? Or will it fade out. There’s a lot for me to discuss here publicly about the situation… I’m gonna hold off and see what happens. I’m not use to “Dating” so I don’t know what I’m doing here.

I guess I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing and hope this works out… I ain’t gonna lie, I got feels for this girl.

More to come soon!


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