Wanna Get A Girl? Lose Some Weight!

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Chicks don’t like fat guys…. At least not HOT chicks anyway. It’s true… I promise you… hot girls want a guy that is sexually attractive. I mean think about it… Why would some girl choose you… big ‘ol fat sloppy you when they could have Mr. Sexy with the 6 pack of abs, dreamy eyes and the sexy smell of $100 cologne!!!?

It’s true! Doubt me if you want. But if you want to improve the quality of women who are attracted to you then you need to get in shape, lay off the damn pizza and cheeseburgers and lose some weight.

Take care of yourself. Cut your hair. Smell good…. Take a damn shower.

If you’re tired of being alone then you need to improve your physical appearance to attract someone to you! Period!!!

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