What Do Single Guys Do On The Weekends?

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All right so you’re single and you’ve got nothing to do this weekend? Here’s some tips on how to get through…

  1. Go to a sporting event – Sporting events like football games are full of single females…. especially college football games!
  2. Go play paintball – Paintball is one of the manliest things you’ll ever do. It’ll bring out your inner bull.
  3. Fly a kite – Have you ever done it? It’s incredibly relaxing, rewarding and challenging all at the same time.
  4. Go To Church – Get up early Sunday morning and go to a good church. Insider tip – There’s always single moms at church service. Make sure to put a $20 in the plate. Do it!
  5. Go Play Pool – Bruh, playing pool is a game you can actually have fun doing alone. Plus, if you go to a pool hall there’s usually a group of single chicks there.
  6. Build a website – It’s freaking easy! I did it, so can you. Plenty of helpful resources and companies that’ll get you going for next to nothing in cost. It’s a great way to kill time too.
  7. Cook a pig – If you have a big cook out and invite like 3 people and tell them to invite someone… before you know you’ve just made a party.
  8. DON’T go to the movies – Going to the movies alone sucks! You’ll just wish someone was with you.
  9. DON’T go hangout with your married friends – This just makes it worse. All you’ll do is wish you had someone like they do. Hanging out with married friends is great sometimes… but NOT usually. Only hang out with your married friends if there is some single chick there also. Don’t be a third wheel…

Ok, so hopefully that’ll help give you some ideas for this weekend!

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